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Queens Park residence (Design-Fox Johnston)

A typical multi room audio and visual system could include ceiling mounted speakers and in-wall keypads or LCD touch screens in each room, all connected to a discreet media streaming device, CD archive server or DVD archiving system accessed via your home network.

A properly planned and installed multi-room system will offer you access to your music and movie collection in any room you choose. The extra space gained by not having unnecessary clutter in every room mitigates the cost of the system. 

With a multi-room system all your content is stored centrally in one chosen location and can be accessed using wall mounted keypads, touch screens and remotes, or even your iPhone or iPad. You will be able to enjoy different music and video content in different rooms at the same time. Great hi-fi sound doesn’t mean unsightly black boxes, ungainly speaker cabinets and cable everywhere. All this is history with a fully integrated multi-room system, because all the control components and sources such as music and video servers, CD, DVD players, tuners etc are hidden away in one centralised service area and connected to each room by hidden cables. 

To get the very best out of your system, the installation must integrate perfectly with the looks of your home and incur minimal disruption. Once you are completely happy with your system choice, installation can take place. Completion time depends on many factors – not least your exact system specification and whether your property is new-build or a retro-fit installation. You will be continually appraised of progress throughout the process via sight meetings, email, text or phone.

You have the assurance that your multi-room system will be installed to your exact requirements and that your property will be treated with the utmost care and respect during the installation process. 

On final installation of the system components (music servers, video servers, peripherals etc), and programming of keypads and remotes is completed, our installer will perform a thorough function test for system integrity. You will be given comprehensive instruction on how to operate the system, and ask any questions regarding any aspect of the system before signing off.

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Mosman Residence (Design-Achilles Apostellelis)

Hi Fi Music

With our involvement in the hi-fi industry since the days of analogue audio and vinyl records, Connexions is in a unique position to advise on, and provide the very highest level of hi-fi music reproduction. Our thirty five years of experience enable us to select the correct hi-fi system for your needs. We cater for all formats – from vinyl and CD, to the latest high resolution digital formats. 

Our range of services covers basic hi-fi set up and calibration and maintenance, to upgrading existing systems to take advantage of the latest digital stereo and multi channel formats. Simple solutions such as cable upgrades, room optimization, vibration isolation and mains conditioning will help get the best out of your system, and we can advise accordingly.

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