Home Cinema


Queens Park residence (Design-Fox Johnston)

Video and audio content can now be effortlessly streamed through your home theatre system, allowing you to view movies, listen to music, view the family photo album, or any digital content you created on your computer or camera. Downloaded music and video content can be listened to and viewed on the big screen along with its album art, and menus that enable you to create playlists and  genres.

In addition to all these features, gaming consoles such as a PlayStation, X Box, Wii or similar devices can be easily accommodated to complete your home theatre experience. With the advent of "smart TVs" a host of additional features can be added including TV networking, social media and streaming content.

TV automation and concealment

Concealment of the television and associated AV components within surrounding joinery is frequently requested by clients wishing to keep the clean design aesthetic of the room. In this design all the electronic components and surround sound speaker system are hidden behind the wall surface. The invisible speakers are finished over with the same material as the rest of the wall surface. Walls can be finished in virtually any material including plaster, wallpaper or wood veneer.

An added benefit to this concealment is the security aspect as can be seen from this animation.

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