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These are some of the details which we deem important in completing a successful home installation:

Drawings and Schematics

Before we proceed with a new project, Connexions creates detailed drawings and schematics of your home enabling us to gain a better understanding of the space, and helps us plan and layout your system with precision.


After the drawings and schematics are finalised we liaise with the various trades who will be involved in the build process, and set up all the details that need to be put in place in order for the project to be completed successfully, and on time.


Product compatibility is vital if you want peak performance from your system. Reduction in performance and longevity of components are the result of mismatched equipment choices.


Due to the extremely low voltages passing through signal cables, it is vital to maintain integrity of the signal if quality sound and vision is to be obtained from the various sources. We install only the very best quality cable types to maintain this standard.

Set up and Calibration

To obtain the very best from your system, all components in the system need to be fine tuned and calibrated to interact correctly with each other to perform as a whole. We go through this thorough process towards the end of every installation.

System Control

Ease of use is critical if you are to enjoy your system to the full. Instead of having a coffee table full of remote controls, we replace them with a simple to use touch screen device such as an iPhone or iPad which controls the system, and any other electronic peripheral device at a press of a button or icon.

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