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Home automation is the integration and control of lighting, security, home theatre equipment, motorised blinds and curtains, irrigation systems, climate control and virtually anything that opens and shuts electronically or electrically.

A true “smart” home should be intuitive and simple to use, allowing everyone in the household to operate and enjoy the experience. A well designed “smart” system enhances and simplifies your life without complication.

The modern home encompasses some, or all of a range of services - lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, home theatre, distributed audio, motorised curtains and blinds, reticulation systems, wired and wireless computer networks. Our smart home designs integrate these systems to give you simple, complete control.

Control possibilities are infinite. Take control from your favourite room, using nothing more than your PDA or mobile phone, or use the wall mounted control panels and touch screens complementing your interior design.

We tailor our smart home designs for flexibility. All settings are customised to meet your needs, as simple or intricate as you desire.


The foundation of any smart home system is lighting control. It is the backbone to which everything else is connected.

A simple lighting control system enables you to completely transform your environment, and create different mood settings to suit any occasion, define and highlight features, or show off your home to full advantage at the touch of a button.

The modular “building block” approach we employ lets you add components and features as, and when, you desire. As you become more familiar with your system, you may add extra features and functions to enhance the functionality of the system.

You can create a reassuring path of light in the home, to make late-night visits to the bathroom less daunting, create lighting scenes which follow you from room to room by using hidden sensors, integrate the home theatre system to provide the complete cinema experience in your living room by closing motorised blinds, lowering the projection screen, turning on the projector, and dimming the lights with a simple touch of a icon or button.

Additional security can be provided by integrating your security system with the lighting and automation system so that interior, exterior and garden lighting turn on when the alarm signals an intrusion or disturbance. 

When planning a trip away, run a pre-programmed lighting and sound sequence that creates a lived-in look, further deterring unwanted intrusion. All at a touch of a button.


A hardwired network is the backbone of your computer and home entertainment system. Adding peripherals such as network servers, media streaming devices and wireless technology allows the system to be the main source of all your digital content.

You can share your broadband connection as well as files and printers with all the rooms in the house. Laptops and PDAs can be connected wirelessly, and games can be played in high definition real-time 3D graphics and 10.2 surround sound. Accessing and recording live TV, pay TV and DAB+ radio, CD, MP3/4 and DVD collections are also exciting possibilities.

Electronic information for work or entertainment can be accessed from any computer in the house and an integrated communications system can be used to monitor and control various aspects of the home from any computer location. The computer and the internet have dramatically changed lifestyles, with new levels of convenience, comfort and security. Many features such as music, video, lighting, climate control and security can be automated, and with internet enabled devices and services you will experience enhanced levels of communication, entertainment, home control, family management and personal commerce.

We offer high speed Gigabit and 802.11n/ac wired and wireless networking solutions, and soon, super speed fibre to ensure sufficient bandwidth to handle all forms of demanding digital content.

The extent of your imagination will determine your home of the future. What seemed possible in science fiction movies not so long ago is now feasible.

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